People Counter

1. Display People Counter

This wireless, portable People Counter is equipped with a screen that displays the current count. When the infrared beam transmitting across an area from the transmitter to the receiver is broken, the count will increase by one. Single direction (one beam) and bi-directional (2 beam) Display Counters are available.

RF People Counter

2. RF People Counter

The counting data from our RF People Counter is wirelessly transmitted to a local or remote computer via our Sensor Network Gateway (SNG) and special software. The data can then be viewed and managed in table or graph form. Single direction (one beam) and bi-directional (2 beam) RF Counters are available.

People Counter Wireless Management System

3. Sensor Network Gateway (SNG)

The SNG is the universal gateway for our wireless (RF) People Counting System. The People Counters wirelessly transmit counting data to the SNG. The SNG then sends the counting data to a local or remote PC, and the data can be viewed and managed via our special SensorServer software.

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