What People / Visitor Counters Should Be!

Our People Counting System’s infrared technology offers a reliable and affordable people counting solution. The simple end-user installation and maintenance of our systems eliminates technical support costs. Our People Counting Systems are all wireless and battery powered. These systems are also known as a customer counter or traffic counters.

People Counter, People Counting Systems

Display People Counter

PTX10-1 / PRX10D1 - The transmitter unit transmits an infrared beam to the receiver unit. When someone passes between the 2 units and breaks the infrared beam, the count value increases by one. Because of the single infrared beam, this counter is not direction sensitive. Users of this system simply divide the total daily count by 2. This wireless, portable People Counter is equipped with a screen that displays the current count. Bi-directional (2 beam) Display Counters are available.

RF People Counter, RF People Counting Systems

RF People Counter

The counting data from our RF People Counter is wirelessly transmitted to a local or remote computer via our Sensor Network Gateway (SNG) and special software. The data can then be viewed and managed in table or graph form. Single direction (one beam) and bi-directional (2 beam) RF Counters are available.

Wireless People Counter Management Ssytems

Sensor Network Gateway (SNG)

The SNG is the universal gateway for our wireless (RF) People Counting System. The People Counters wirelessly transmit counting data to the SNG. The SNG then sends the counting data to a local or remote PC, and the data can be viewed and managed via our special SensorServer software.

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